1. Payment of Tuition Fees

1.1 Tuition Fees are payable upon registration or on due 4 weeks before the start of the term.

1.2 All fees are payable based on scheduled lessons and not attended lessons.

1.3 Once you are enrolled as our student, all weekly lessons / workshops / crash course / extra lessons, you’ll be automatically entitled to a seat, there is no need to register again.

1.4 We accept monthly, termly and annual payment:

1.4.1 For monthly payment, there is an additional material fees of SGD30 per month.

1.4.2. For termly payment, the material fees will be waived.

1.5 Physics Academy will inform you of due payments via email and/ or Whatsapp before the due date. Lessons can only commence upon full payment of the term fee.

1.6 For late payment, you / your child may not be able to receive relevant materials and also will be barred from attending subsequent classes.

1.7 Physics Academy only accepts payment via bank transfer / PayNow.

1.8 Students who sign up during the last 4 weeks of the current term will need to pay the next term fee together with the current term fee.

2. Withdrawal & Termination

2.1 If you wish to withdraw from our tuition classes, you must give us at least two (2) week’s advance notice and the last lesson will be the last lesson of the term paid.

2.2 All goodwill discounts & privileges offered to you previously will be removed should there be any gap between payment of tuition fees, regardless of any reasons provided. Students who withdraw and join us again at a later date will have to register as new students and tuition fees payable shall be based on the new prevalent rates as published during the time of the said registration

2.3 Physics Academy reserves all rights to terminate tuition services for any reasons deemed necessary without any advance notice. In such cases, any balance of the tuition fees will be refunded except for the one-time registration fee of SGD50.

3. Replacement / Make-Up Class Policy

3.1 Students are expected to attend the lessons scheduled for them based on the time slot which they registered for. Should a student miss a lesson due to medical reasons, or any other valid excuse, the following option are available for a replacement/ make-up class.

3.1.1 Attend another lesson of the week in any of our branches.

3.1.2 Access the live recording of the particular lesson that you had missed.

3.2 No refund will be issued under all circumstances (including MC). Instead, makeup arrangement will be made for any classes missed.

4. Public Holidays Policy

4.1 Classes will be conducted on all Public Holidays except for Chinese New Year.

4.2 Physics Academy will contact you and arrange for a replacement/ make-up class should your scheduled class fall on Chinese New Year.

5. Holiday Workshops / Extra Classes

5.1 Physics Academy conducts workshops during the school holidays. The fees for these workshops are included in the termly fees except for our June Workshop will be billed separately.

5.2 All students are automatically enrolled into our Holiday Workshops / Extra Classes. Should you wish to withdraw from our Holiday Workshops, kindly inform us at 8758 4968.

6. Personal Items

6.1 It is the responsibility of the child to take care of his/ her personal belongings while at the Centre. The Centre will not be held responsible nor liable for any items that have gone missing while at the Centre, nor entertain any claims made against any loss or damage to the child’s property while the child is at the Centre.

7. Indemnity & Permission

7.1 While the Centre takes every precaution to ensure the safety of the child, by signing on this document, we agree to indemnify the tutors, owners, management and all other staff of the Centre against all disputes & claims which may arise out of various consequence including loss of, death or any injury sustained to my child/ward during the course of the Centre‘s daily activities.

7.2 I agree to provide Physics Academy with the results of my child/ ward’s examinations, common tests, or any form of assessment in school, and I give Physics Academy the permission to publish the results for communication, marketing or any other purpose that the Centre may wish to use the results for.

7.3 I understand that the Centre may take photographs or short videos of activities conducted at the Centre from time to time for awareness purposes. Should these photographs include my child, I grant permission to the Centre to use such photographs & videos for publicity and communications purposes.

7.4 All Centre Materials such as Physics Compendium (Physics Bible), Worksheets, Digital Lessons are copyrighted and NOT TO SHARE OR SELL by any reasons. Legal action will be taken against any students who violate copyright

8. Others

8.1 The Centre reserves the right to postpone or re-schedule any lessons due to any circumstances.

8.2 Abuse or violence against our staffs and teachers is against the rules and regulations and Physics Academy reserves the right to terminate this contract without refund upon the occurrence of such incidents.

Physics Academy reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions without notice.