Physics Compendium

The Physics Compendium (AKA Physics Bible) consists of explanation questions which is the component that most students find challenging in A Levels!

Our answers follow the Cambridge marking scheme and more than 20 marks were secured during past national examinations just by flipping through our Physics Compendium.

Near the exam period, many are eager to purchase this Physics Compendium. However, this Compendium is exclusively for Physics Academy students.

O Level Physics Compendium Showcase

A Level Physics Compendium Showcase

Digital Lesson

After 6 years of content development, Mr Bryan Lai and his team of Physics tutors have successfully completed the recording of the entire A&O Level Physics syllabus.

These video lessons help to supplement our students’ learning, and to provide them with an avenue of revision even outside lesson hours.

O Level Sample Video Lesson

A Level Sample Video Lesson

In-House Books

All these Physics books are written by Mr Bryan Lai, our Award winning Physics Tutor & Founder. The contents are specially selected by Mr Lai with illustrations to allow you to understand it easily.

Along with sufficient examples and practices for you to hone your skills, it is a full learning package that allows you to master all the Physics concepts in a short time!