Secondary & O Level Physics Tuition Lesson in Singapore

Want to ace your O Level examinations? Backed by an excellent track record and coached by our award-winning ex-Ministry of Education (MOE) Physics tutor, Mr Bryan Lai, you’ll get all the support you need to ace this complex secondary school subject. Engage the support of our Physics tuition classes in Singapore and see your results skyrocket in just 3 to 6 months.

Supporting O Level Students With 15 Years of Physics Tuition Experience

Combined with the expertise of our experienced Physics tutor, Mr Bryan Lai, our tuition centre has helped more than 1,000 secondary school students have scored distinction in their O Level Physics examinations in the past year. Our proven method enables students to grasp 77 essential concepts in 6 months and enrolling in our tuition classes has helped them jump 3 grades in 6 months.

Our Physics tutors are committed in developing abilities and skills relevant to the Physics study and practice of science, and which are useful in everyday life. We encourage efficient and safe practice, while not forgetting to encourage effective communication.

Find out more about the Physics syllabus, or join our trial lessons and diagnostic assessments to check your strengths and weaknesses in 130 concepts before you join our O Level physics tuition lessons.

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Get A1 in Combined or Pure Physics With Tuition Classes

When it comes to secondary school sciences such as Physics, most students struggle to understand the complex concepts or keep up with the vast topics within the subject. By Sec 4, the curriculum is focused on revision and practicing what has been thought, leaving little room for students to catch up.

At Physics Academy, our O Level tuition classes are designed for Sec 3 and Sec 4 students to brush up on what they have learned in school, while providing the opportunity to practice and address any gaps in their Physics knowledge. Whether it is Combined or Pure Physics, our focused methods and years of tuition experience will definitely help bridge the learning divide and provide the much-needed support for our students to excel in this subject.

Don’t miss the chance to be coached by Mr Bryan Lai, the ex-MOE award-winning Physics tutor. Enquire about our secondary school Physics tuition classes today, or book a slot with one of the best A Levels Physics coaches in Singapore.

Look At What Our Students Says About Our Classes

Chloe, St. Nicholas Girls

E8 To A1 In O Level Physics:

“His Lessons Plays A Huge Part In Me Being Able To Pass My Retest”

In Secondary 3, I failed my Physics end of year exam, which led to me joining o level physics tuition. Following that, Mr. Lai managed to efficiently and interestingly reteach me the topics I was weak at and corrected many of my misconceptions over the December Holidays.

His lessons played a huge part in me being able to pass my retest the following year. I then decided to continue physics tuition as I saw its impact on my core understanding of physics. Mr. Lai’s lessons have helped me to solidify my foundation in physics and develop an interest in the subject.

These, along with Mr. Lai’s dedication and experience helped me to obtain an A1 for physics in the recent O Level examinations. It was only through his lessons and help that I managed to progress from an E8 to an A1.

Chia Xuan, Anglican High

Achieved A2 In O Level Physics:

“The Crash Course Was Especially Useful Because Mr Lai Went Through All Chapters Concisely”

Before joining O level physics tuition I was very confused with physics, I didn’t understand a lot of concepts in many chapters. Mr Lai’s lessons were very helpful, he taught in a very clear manner and helped me to understand concepts easily. He also gave sufficient practice papers for us. He always gave many valuable tips and methods for difficult questions. The May crash course was especially useful because Mr Lai went through all chapters concisely. Physics Bible was also very useful with compiled notes and made my studying easier. Overall, Mr Lai helped to boost my interest in Physics and maintain my A in Physics 😃

Best O Level/IP/IB Physics Tutor in Singapore

Enquire Now & Don’t Miss the Chance to be Coached by Mr Bryan Lai, the Ex-MOE Award-Winning Physics Teacher, Book Author & One of the Best O Level/IP/IB Physics Coach in Singapore

Frequently Asked Questions About O Level Physics Tuition in Singapore

1. Is Sec 4 too late to start Physics tuition?

Not at all! Think of Physics Academy’s tuition classes as a turbocharger for Secondary O-levels students. Even this late in the game, we can help your child uncover hidden strengths and master key concepts quickly before O-level examination.

Imagine: Your child feeling confident tackling past papers, ready to ace their Physics exams. Time crunch? No problem. We’ll get them up to speed in no time.

2. Failing in Physics? Don't give up!

At Physics Academy, we’ve turned countless “weak” students into confident Physics masters. Our secret? A supportive environment and a proven system that identifies your child’s unique learning style and fills in any knowledge gaps.

Picture this: Your child excited about Physics, asking insightful questions and scoring significantly higher on their next exam.

3. When's the ideal time to start O Level Physics prep?

Sec 3 is fantastic! The earlier you start, the more solid foundation your child builds. Our Physics tuition classes are the perfect complement to schoolwork, offering clarity on challenging concepts and building lasting understanding.

Bonus: Physics Academy boasts experienced tutors in Combined and Pure Physics, ready to guide your child to success!

Ready to unlock your child’s Physics potential?

Physics Academy awaits.