Many students in Singapore think Physics is difficult to grasp and understand. Some even go as far as to drop the subject altogether. However, Physics can deliver important critical and analytical skills which helps us understand problems far beyond the realm of academic studies, and it is also important throughout a student’s education in Singapore.

When your child gets help from Physics Academy’s group tuition classes in Singapore, he will be able to achieve the best grades while also developing comprehensive analytical and technical skills which will serve him well throughout his life.



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Why is Physics Important in Singapore?

Physics helps us understand how the world around us works, and it can be credited for much of the technology we have today, such as Computer Science, Engineering and even the Internet of Things (IoT). With Physics, you will be able to understand how things move and interact with one another, through concepts such as acceleration, pressure and speed. As such, many tertiary programmes and degree courses in Singapore and around the world demand Physics as a core subject.

To provide your child with ample opportunities even after secondary school, it is important to make sure his Physics is well-learned. Getting an A will definitely go a long way in demonstrating his aptitude in academics and open up doors in junior college, polytechnic, university and beyond.

Group Physics Tuition Classes with Physics Academy in Singapore

As a leading Physics tuition centre in Singapore, we provide effective group tuition for students across different proficiency levels. Whether it is O Levels or A Levels, or even Integrated Programme (IP) students, we have the expertise to bring out the best in our students. Spearheading our group of highly qualified tutors is Mr Bryan Lai, an award-winning and ex-Ministry of Education (MOE) tutor who has also authored several books in Singapore. Our track record is stellar, and the results of our past students speak for themselves.

If you have been trying to find help for your child’s Physics, you may have come across many tuition centres offering tutoring services. However, opting for Physics Academy is the right choice due to our comprehensive learning methods. Our students benefit from our proven PhysicsProf Learning System which is developed by Mr Bryan Lai, which has produced many top performing students over the years.

Register for a trial class, or sign up for our group Physics tuition classes in Singapore today.