With major exams such as the O and A Levels fast approaching within the next 4-5 months, the sense of urgency to secure a reliable, skilled, and efficient tutor to help your child achieve rapid improvement in their Physics grade is understandable.

Introducing our highly effective Exam Mastery Program—a dedicated program designed to address this concern head-on!

Tailored for students in Sec 3, Sec 4, JC1, and JC2, this comprehensive class focuses on two key components: Concept Mastery and Exam Mastery.

Now, let’s take a closer look at what your child can expect to experience in this transformative journey:

Your child will receive personal coaching from Mr. Bryan Lai, our esteemed Founder and Award-Winning Ex-MOE Teacher. Learn about Mr. Lai’s remarkable background and read testimonials HERE.

For Sec 3 and JC 1 students, one lesson per weekend will be conducted. For Sec 4 and JC 2 students, 2 lessons per week (1 weekday, 1 weekend) for comprehensive coverage and progress.

Weekday lessons are dedicated to Concept Mastery, providing intensive revision to bridge any learning gaps that may have been missed during the June Holiday. Your child will receive focused attention to reinforce understanding and strengthen their foundation.

Weekend lessons are specifically designed to enhance Exam Mastery. Your child will gain invaluable insights into exam answering techniques and tackle real Cambridge exam questions directly, empowering them to excel in their examinations.

Get the highly acclaimed Physics Compendium (aka the Physics Bible) Volumes 1 & 2 as part of our exclusive offering. These invaluable resources help students master essential keywords in Paper 2 & 3. Exclusively available to our In-House students, not for sale to the public.

Your child will enjoy 24/7 access to our On-Demand Digital Lessons & Practices through our user-friendly Learning App. This convenient platform enables rapid learning and can be easily downloaded from the Google or Apple store.

To ensure continuous improvement, your child will be encouraged to Attempt & Submit TYS (Ten-Year Series) papers for marking. . Personal feedback from Mr. Lai will be provided, offering invaluable guidance and support.

By recalling concepts and formulas through interactive Physics Flashcards, your child will solidify their understanding and identify areas needing improvement, making the learning process more effective than passive learning.

Our Motivation Program recognizes and rewards your child’s accomplishments, boosting their motivation to excel. Prizes and rewards await for performing well in tests and quizzes. This strategy encourages diligent work for immediate gratification and long-term achievements. Small successes pave the way for future accomplishments!

We understand the importance of quickly building familiarity with exam questions, and our Exam preparatory class is expertly designed to accomplish just that. With the guidance of our experienced and dedicated Physics tutor, Mr. Bryan Lai, your child will embark on a journey towards clarity and mastery. Rest assured, your child is in capable hands. Mr. Bryan Lai’s unique ‘PhysicsProf Learning System’ teaching methodology has transformed countless O Level, IP, and A Level students from struggling to achieving remarkable A/B grades in a matter of months!

Whether your child is currently in Sec 3, Sec 4, JC 1, or JC 2, and you aspire to witness their success in the upcoming Physics exams, our Exam Preparatory Class is the perfect choice for you.


Over the course of the next 3 to 4 months, your child will experience an intensive program of accelerated learning and extensive practice. Don’t hesitate any longer. Take action now and enroll your child in our Exam Preparatory Class, providing them with the strong foundation and thorough preparation they need for the upcoming Physics A Level, O Level, and IP Exams. Together, let’s set your child on a path towards outstanding achievements!

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