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Hi parents!

As the new year approaches, you might be wondering if your child needs help in Physics. Although your child is working hard, it seems nothing goes into their head and they are unable to nail their desired grade in his/her recent exam. 

Well, here’s the scoop: Traditional teaching methods may not be effective for every student. Most schools opt for the lecture route, where students passively soak up knowledge, like trying to learn riding a bike by just watching someone else do it – it rarely works out!

On the surface, students might feel like they grasp the material, but when it comes to answering questions or tackling problems, they struggle…

This struggle can keep your child teetering between so-so grades.


But fret not! It’s time to spice things up with teaching methods that will have your child soaring in Physics. Through interactive learning, hands-on practice, and in-depth coaching by our master teacher, your child will improve rapidly!

At Physics Academy, we break the mold of old-school lectures. We bring in the innovative Proprof Learning System (PPLS), enabling students to tailor their learning journey.

In addition to classroom instruction, we incorporate conceptual video lessons, working examples and engaging online interactive practices. These learning activities are seamlessly monitored by our Founder & Head Coach Mr Bryan Lai so that we are able to know specific challenges that each student encounters, enabling us to provide targeted assistance precisely where it’s needed.

Our Method is Proven

>91% A/B Grade for ‘O’ & ‘A’  Level Physics for all of our students

Wonder how we teach?

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Why Physics Academy?

91% A for ‘O’&’A’ Level Physics

ProProf Learning System

Hands-On Lab Work

Affordable Fees

Progress Tracking & Report

Students Welfare

Wonder how we are able to help your child skyrocket his/her Physics grade?

Step 1: Step-by-step Understanding

Students will systematically learn concepts using various real life Physics applications, guided by Mr Lai.

Step 2: Apply National Exam Questions on the Spot

We let students deal with real national exam questions, and adjust their expectations on what is tested. Students will try to apply the new concepts learned on the spot.

Step 3: Clarify Misconceptions

Mr Lai will identify weak points and demolish misconceptions. Students learn rapidly via mistakes and gain a better understanding of the new concepts learned.

Step 4: Concept Strengthening

Mr Lai will then further solidify students grasp on the new concepts by doing oral assessments. He will ask every single student to answer a short question. Students will be very engaged & pay full attention, maximizing learning experience in the classroom.

Step 5: Practice & Polish

Once learning is completed, students will be given a set of questions with increasing difficulties. Mr Lai will drill his students to do challenging questions on the spot. Students can always revise our pre-recorded conceptual video lessons and do Mastery Practices via our learning Apps.

With these proven learning methods, we have helped many students boost their grade from failed or borderline to A/B Grade in ‘O’ & ‘A’ Level Physics!

About Us

Back in 2007, Physics Academy kicked off our journey with a simple dream: helping students achieve ‘A’ grades in Physics. And we’ve got just the person to make it happen – our Award-Winning Ex-MOE Physics teacher, Mr. Bryan Lai! Thanks to his vast 15 years of teaching experience, he has integrated the PhysicsProf Learning System, which has been like a magic wand, waving A/B grades into the lives of countless of students.

Schedule & Fees

*Fees below are premium plan which consist all resources & full access

The lessons include:

  • Experience 2 hours live interactive weekly lesson
  • Full access for digital learning platform for 24/7 learning experience
  • Personalised feedback by Mr. Lai
  • 3-in-1 Tote Bag (gifts include Physics Compendium book, Formula Card & Foolscap)
  • Students Welfare