Physics exams can be stressful, challenging and many students often feel anxious about their performance. The theories, formulas and concepts make it difficult to prepare for exams. Additionally, with only 3-4 months of preparation time, students cannot afford to waste time figuring things out on their own. That is where Exam Preparatory Classes come in. Providing students with the right resources and support, achieve desired grades in the Physics exams can become a reality! We will discuss 5 common mistakes students make when preparing for their Physics exams and how Exam Preparatory Class can help.

1. Not Understanding Basic Concepts

Physics is a subject that requires a strong foundation of basic concepts to build upon. Without a clear understanding of the basics, it can be challenging to tackle more complex topics. 

2. Focusing Too Much on Memorization

Physics is not a subject that can be memorized; it requires a deep understanding of the concepts and their applications. 

3. Lack of Exam Skills

Many students struggle to understand the question requirements and structuring the answers when doing exam papers due to a lack of exam skills.

4. Poor Time Management

With a limited amount of time to prepare for the exam, it is crucial to use it wisely to manage timing, prioritizing topics, creating a study schedule and using study breaks effectively.

5. Inadequate Practice

Simply reading the textbook or notes is not enough to perform well in exams. Practice is essential to test your understanding of the concepts and identify areas that need improvement. However, how to identify if you are practicing on the right track? Are there any misconceptions?


How we focus on exam preparation

Unlike regular Physics tuition classes, our Exam Preparatory Class is specifically focused on exam preparation and concept mastery. The class is designed to help students develop the exam skills, strategies and basic concepts they need to tackle the Physics exam. It can help students to identify their strengths and weaknesses, develop a study plan that works to improve their performance and build confidence toward their goals.


Personalized guidance from experienced educators

One of the significant advantages of taking an Exam Preparatory Class is receiving personalized guidance from experienced educators who are experts in Physics. Our class is taught by Ex-MOE Physics tutor Mr. Bryan Lai and has a proven track record of success. Our tutor has in-depth knowledge of the subject and can help you to understand complex concepts which are crucial in exams and provide personalized strategies to help students overcome all challenges.


Access to ultimate learning resources

Another benefit of taking an exam preparatory class is the convenience of gaining access to precise exam-focused resources via our learning App. These resources include Ten-Year-Series past year papers, Concept-based digital lessons, Mastery Practices, Online MCQs, Visual Physics Guidebook, Physics Compendium and tips that are designed to help students prepare for Physics exams. Having access to these resources can help students familiarize with the format of the exam, identify the types of questions and develop an effective exam-focused strategy.


Exam answering techniques development

Physics exams often require students to provide answers that are clear, concise, and relevant to the question. Students will learn exam answering techniques that can help them to excel in Physics exams. These exam techniques include time management, identifying keywords, understanding the question requirements and structuring the answers. 


If you’re looking for an accelerated journey to ace your O level, A level,or IP Physics exams, joining an Exam Preparatory Class could be your best option. At Physics Academy, we offer Exam Preparatory Class to help you achieve the best grade possible in the Physics exams. Don’t let procrastination hold you back any longer. 

Enroll in our Exam Preparatory Class today and take the first step towards excellence in Physics!