Physics tuitions in Singapore provide invaluable guidance and support to students to excel in the subject. Self-learning may be sufficient for some students but can prove to be inadequate for a subject like Physics which requires a thorough understanding of each concept. Requiring extensive practice, memorisation and time management, it thus comes as no surprise that many students get enrolled in Physics tuition to facilitate their studies. 

However, in Singapore, there are two common types of tuition formats – group tuition and private tuition. Which of these is more suitable for students who have difficulties with Physics? Let’s explore both the options further:

1. Physics Group Tuition 

Physics group tuition classes are conducted for a group of students and are often conducted in the classrooms of the Physics tuition centre.

Pros of Physics Group Tuition Classes

Group tuition enables students to learn with peers in a collaborative environment, where everyone is in the same boat receiving similar teaching.

This learning environment is beneficial as students will be able to learn while taking part in class debates and discussions, effectively allowing them to solve problems or address any difficulties.  Learning in a group setting also promotes healthy competition and contributes towards making students more confident.

Cons of Physics Group Tuition Classes

With a physics group tuition, there is no guarantee that your child will receive adequate personal attention from the educator. This means that the time dedicated for each class will have to be split with other students, limiting the opportunities for students to address their individual problems and doubts. Students who are weaker in Physics or those with unique learning needs might find such settings extremely inadequate in building a strong Physics foundation.

Add to that the lack of confidence some students may have in speaking up or partaking in group discussions, and the benefits of enrolling in such tuition classes might seem minimal.

The Physics Academy Difference in Conducting Group Physics Tuitions

At Physics Academy, we understand that each student is unique and has different learning habits and needs. Every Physics group tuition session in our Physics tuition centre is designed to cater to the learning style of each student. No student within the group feels neglected as our tutors are attentive towards each student’s progress. 

Moreover, our innovative 24/7 PPLS learning system gives every student the opportunity to learn through digital lessons, solve practice assignments and tests, and download our unique concepts list and in-house books. Through this system, tutors can also regularly track the students’ progress anytime, anywhere and take necessary measures in case of slow progress. 

Tutors at our Physics tuition centre are always prompt to provide FREE consultation to students who might be struggling or facing any kind of difficulties. We ensure that each student gets timely progress reports so that parents and tutors can implement remedial measures if there is a lack of progress. 

Physics Private Tuition Classes

Private Physics tuitions are classes conducted exclusively for individual students for a more personalised and dedicated learning experience. Classes are usually held at the student’s home to enable better learning in a familiar environment. 

Pros of Private Physics Tuition Classes

In a one-to-one Physics tuition class, every student gets personal coaching to learn and solve all their learning issues. Students can approach their tutor for personal guidance whenever they encounter any difficulty. Given the undivided attention that students are given during their one-to-one sessions, their Physics tutor can devise a personalised learning plan for them, complementing them with tips and strategies aimed at improving performance, results and understanding. 

Enrolling in private Physics tuition ensures that the student’s progress is constantly monitored, and accompanied by personalised feedback and remedial instructions. With private tutors dedicating a fixed time for just one student, they are better able to focus all their energy and conduct intense learning sessions. As such, private tuition classes are commonly deemed as one of the most effective methods of improving grades.

Cons of Private Physics Tuition Classes

Hiring a private tutor can be a hit or miss. For example, the tutor and student may not be a good match due to conflicting personalities. Since learning goals can be effectively met only when there is absolute trust and comfort between the tutor and students, it is important that the tutor is patient, honest and understanding to invoke similar behaviour from the student.

Also, if the student has confidence or learning issues, there could be an unhealthy dependency on the tutor. This can be detrimental down the road as some students may not be able to face exams in the absence of their tutor. 

How Physics Academy’s VIP Tuition Lessons Differ 

Our Physics VIP lesson conducted by Mr. Bryan Lai, Physics Academy’s master Physics tutor, is guaranteed to provide students with deeply personal tutoring geared towards meeting personal learning goals. Our one-to-one Physics tuition classes support:

  • Personalised Learning

With the guidance of our private Physics tutor, students will receive personalised lessons geared to match their learning speed and aptitude. 

  • Faster Intervention and Quicker Results

Our experienced tutors are skilled at identifying gaps in learning. Once these gaps are identified, they are able to devise targeted remedial measures to ensure students effectively overcome any learning hurdles and achieve the best results. 

  • Conducive Learning Environment

We make sure that students learn in a comfortable learning environment free of distractions. They can confidently speak up to ask questions and achieve their Physics learning goals quickly. 

  • Coaching from Award-Winning Physics Tutor

Our one-on-one private Physics tuition is conducted by award-winning Physics tutor Mr. Bryan Lai. The PhysicsProf Learning System and Mr. Lai’s vast personal expertise form a potent combination for students to ensure constant progress and exceptional results in exams. 

The Best Physics Tuition for Group and Private Classes

No matter what you choose, with Physics Academy you will get the best Physics tutoring because we are keen to see all our students excel at the subject. Sign up for a FREE Trial Class at Physics Academy to see how we measure up to your expectations. Enrol in our group classes or for private one-to-one VIP tuition