Sitting for your physics exam in Singapore can be a very stressful event especially if you have to prepare for the exam all by yourself. Most students fear their physics exams because the subject might be difficult to grasp without the help of an experienced physics tutor. Physics Academy was established to help students score high marks in their physics exams. We are passionate about helping students overcome their fear and struggle of physics. Beyond the exams, we aim to show students that physics can be an interesting and fun subject through practical demonstrations and experiments.

Our methodology converts the dull theoretical concepts into real life demonstrations to show how the principles work so that students grasp all the concepts firmly. Our PhysicsProf Learning System has a proven track record of improving the  O Level, A Level and IP scores of hundreds of students in Singapore. In this blog, we uncover how our proprietary PhysicsProf Learning System has been able to consistently produce excellent results for our students.

All about Our Revolutionary PhysicsProf Learning System

Our founder Mr. Bryan Lai is an award-winning ex-MOE JC and O level physics tutor who is dedicated to teaching physics in a manner which will help students overcome their fear of the subject and face their physics exams without stress. Mr. Bryan Lai has developed the unique Physics Prof Learning System which takes the classroom to the students – 24/7 anytime, anywhere! The students can continue learning as much as they want from wherever they are.

1. Interactive Live Lessons

It was important that during the pandemic situation, students should not miss out on their learning. Mr. Lai came up with a comprehensive system which gives students access to a vast range of resources which they can utilise no matter where they are. The 24/7 interactive live lessons will ensure that students across Singapore are better able to connect with their tutors on a personal level despite the distance. This will not only strengthen teacher-student bonds and facilitate their  learning, but the live interaction will have our lessons functioning like face-to-face physics tuition classes. Moreover, regardless of safety regulations posed during the pandemic, students can interact with their physics tutors to get their problems and doubts resolved in real-time.

2. 24/7 Digital Lessons and Physics Compendium

Mr. Lai, with the team of our expert tutors, has compiled a comprehensive compendium which contains the answers to the most challenging questions faced by students in A Levels! All the answers in this physics bible adhere to the Cambridge marking scheme. The students of Physics Academy have exclusive access to the compendium. Our exhaustive list of digital video lessons help students to go back to the classes and reinforce their understanding of each concept. With the digital lessons, students can self-study and revise the lessons even beyond the classroom hours. There are notes, formula cards, in house books, and concept lists which students can avail online.

3.  Progress Tracking and Motivation Programme

The proven scoring framework of PhysicsProf Learning System developed by Mr. Lai also helps students to speed up their learning. Allowing them to efficiently track their progress,  we have seen the majority of our students gain a rapid grade jump within the first 3 months after joining our physics tuition. The motivation programme within our PPLS keeps students motivated to keep doing their best, overcoming every hurdle thrown their way.

4. FREE Consultations

We are determined to help you succeed; thus, we offer free consultations to all our students to understand each of their problems and needs in depth so that they can get the most out of our expertise and resources.

Free Physics Tuition Trial

Over the years, Physics Academy has earned the reputation of imparting value-added physics education, improving students’ confidence, understanding and critical thinking skills in the subject matter. In addition to the weekly classes, we also conduct head start and intensive revision programmes, holiday workshops and crash courses. Don’t just take our word for it, check it for yourself. Join our FREE 7 day trial classroom and see the difference yourself!