Young or old, almost every individual in Singapore today owns a smartphone. Even little kids like preschoolers can be seen being drawn in by the magic screen held right in front of them. While many people may be researching the impact of spending too much time on screens and some parents might be a tad bit apprehensive about putting their kids in front of a screen for too long, one thing is for sure – the pandemic has spurred a rise in online learning amongst Singaporeans. Since the pandemic caused many schools to shut down, education had to change drastically and this brought about the distinctive rise of e-learning. With remote learning and digital platforms being leveraged to maintain students’ learning performances, the effectiveness of digital learning has become more apparent. But if you thought that the experimentation of technology and education was only going to end with Home Based Learning, think again. Taking it a step further, educators have embraced the mobile-first approach to learning. This means that learners can access everything from educational videos and texts on their smartphones and tablets with ease. 

Seeing the benefits that were reaped from the implementation of remote learning modalities and mobile-first in e-learning, we at Physics Academy have launched our proprietary Physics Learning App that can be downloaded and used to learn on the go. Aiming to digitalise our Physics tuition classes and make the exposure to new things more fun and interactive, you can now get a 24/7 learning experience with our learning app. 

All About Our Physics Academy Learning App

With 9 out of 10 of our secondary and JC students scoring ‘A’ or ‘B’ every year for their major exams regardless of their initial entry results, we can confidently say that we’ve managed to inspire our students and make them fall in love with Physics. Even though our founder, Mr. Bryan Lai is an award-winning ex-MOE JC and ‘O’ level Physics tutor, has already developed the unique Physics Prof Learning System to help students overcome their fear of the subject, Physics Academy has now taken it up a notch with the Physics Academy App which takes the classrooms to the students, 24/7 anytime, anywhere! Besides being designed to allow all-day learning, practice, and motivation, this app acts as a free mode of consultation for students who require advice. As the No.1 Physics learning app in Singapore, Physics Academy is confident that the app is capable of producing the most rapid grade jumps in the shortest time.

1. Different Memberships

There are three different memberships to choose from when you create an account with the Physics Learning App – Silver, Gold, and Platinum. All new students who create a new account will be instantly enrolled in the Silver subscription scheme where they’ll be awarded an SGD50 fee waiver voucher that can be used when registering for any of our Physics tuition classes in Singapore. Once students start attending our one-on-one or group tuition classes, they will automatically be upgraded to Gold and can start earning points when tasks and quizzes are aced on the learning app. Students can attain a Platinum membership when they refer two of their friends to the Physics Academy tuition centre. But that’s not all! Gold and Platinum members will get full access to Physics Academy’s full suite of Master Classes. 

2. Learn, Score ‘A’ & Be Rewarded 

At Physics Academy, we believe that it’s important that students be rewarded for their hard work. As such, we have implemented a reward system for students who excel in their in-house quizzes, school tests, and major exams like their ‘A’, ‘O’, or IP exams. As part of our Student Welfare pillar, students can turn the Wheel of Fortune on the app and stand a chance to win grand prizes such as an iPad, Apple Watch, Food Vouchers, and more. 

3. Various Modes of Learning

When studying Physics in school, students have to take on both theory and practical lessons. This goes to show the importance of learning through different conduits rather than simply relying on mere memorisation or solely through hands-on experiences. Understanding that each student has their own learning styles and that exposing them to various modes of learning will do wonders in establishing a solid foundation in Physics, our Physics Learning App also provides students with a range of options to choose from to learn a specific concept. From the Learning Corner that allows students to choose their respective levels to Diagnostic Quizzes that help students gain insight into their strengths and weaknesses, students can say goodbye to the monotonous and mundane lessons that are simply a regurgitation of words in a textbook. 

4. 24/7 Premium Access

Students who are registered at Physics Academy will be able to access the student portal 24/7 to watch digital lessons, attempt quiz practices, and more! Learn anywhere, any time, and gain access to our Physics Compendium, Formula Cards, in-house TYS Cambridge-link marking scheme, notes, and more. Even students who are Silver members will be able to get a glimpse of how we conduct our Physics tuition classes via the Learning Corner.

5. Progress Tracking & Motivation Programme

Most students are left in the dark when it comes to their progress until a big exam comes around and their results send them into panic mode. To ensure that students, parents, and their Physics tutors are well aware of their progress, a progress report will be provided to each student. Regularly updated by the Physics tutor based on results for all the quizzes and tests that were attempted, students can see how far they’ve come and take in the feedback shared to achieve academic success.  

Download Your Private Physics Tutor

Over the years, Physics Academy has earned the reputation of imparting knowledge to students who once feared Physics, improving their confidence in the subject, and boosting their comprehension of all the crucial concepts. Download our newly launched learning app on Google Play or Apple App Store and learn on the go! If you are looking for a private Physics tutor in Singapore for one-to-one Physics tuition, you can either get a taste of our Physics tuition classes in the Learning Corner of the app or sign up for a free trial class with us today.