As parents, we have consistently prioritized our children’s education. When it comes to Physics, the earlier you start to prepare, the more you can feel the difference in your results. While the Sec 1 & Sec 2 may be considered a “honeymoon period,” Secondary 3 plays a crucial role in a student’s academic journey, especially in physics.

It’s during this time that complex concepts and theories are introduced. Starting Physics tuition early allows your child to grasp these fundamentals, building a solid groundwork for future studies. By beginning in Secondary 3, your child gains comfort with the subject, leading to success in the O level or IP exam in Secondary 4.

Overcoming Unfamiliarity

Physics can be challenging for many secondary students, with its abstract Physics theories and complex calculations. Starting Physics tuition in Secondary 3 helps bridge this familiarity gap, gradually adapting students to the subject’s demands. 


Preparing for the O level Exam Early

Secondary 4 marks a critical year as students prepare for the major O level exam. Physics can be overwhelming for those who’ve struggled with it previously. Starting Physics tuition in Secondary 3 allows students to establish a solid foundation and progress steadily .


Keep Students on the Right Track 

Experienced tutors can guide students through difficult concepts, identify students’ strengths and weaknesses, providing guidance and targeted practice to enhance their understanding. This personalized approach empowers students to progress at their own pace and overcome challenges more effectively.


Physics Academy, a leading Physics tuition center in Singapore, is dedicated to helping students excel in Physics. We provide structured guidance, enabling students to navigate difficult concepts and gain confidence.

The Roles of Physics Academy

Experienced and Qualified Teachers

Mr. Bryan Lai, our highly qualified former MOE Physics teacher, brings 15 years of teaching experience in Physics and a profound understanding of the O & A level Physics syllabus. Through his ProProf Learning System (PPLS), which has proven to yield exceptional results (with over 91% of our students achieving ‘A/B’ grades in major exams), he empowers students to learn effectively and excel in Physics.


Comprehensive Learning Resource

Access to our integrated study materials, including Physics Compendium (students called it the “Physics Bible”), Conceptual Video Lessons, Physics visual guide books, Mastery Practices, Unlimited Online MCQ and more.


Engaging Teaching Approaches

In conclusion, starting physics tuition in Secondary 3 provides students with a strong foundation and prepares them for the O-level exam in Secondary 4. With our experienced teachers, visual aids and comprehensive learning resources, it is the ideal platform for students to connect theoretical concepts with practical relevance. We aim to inspire a lifelong love for Physics and empower students to become enthusiastic learners.


Boost your child’s physics learning with Physics Academy. Join us today!