Student Receives Physics Test Paper With A Borderline Pass Or A ‘Fail’
Teacher: Did You Not Study Physics For The Test?
Student: Yes…I Did…I Really Did.
Teacher: Did You Do Your Physics Tutorials?
Student: Yes…Consistently.

Everyone might have told you: “Study hard if you want to get good grades”. And then you realise that this might not be true all the time, because studying smart is more important than studying hard.

Lagging behind

Students often complain that they wished they were smarter when they see that your classmates are more outstanding than they are. You can confidently say that you have tried your very best, but your best may never be enough, and you feel that you may never match up to your peers. When you are surrounded by all the top students in your class, you’ll always feel inadequate, you’ll feel that you’ll never be enough, and it might seem as though you’re the only person in the whole wide world who doesn’t quite understand.

And sometimes…you just wonder why people can solve Physics questions that you can’t. Physics tutorial questions can be so frustrating sometimes. You try again and again, but you’re still unable to produce the right answers. It is such a horrible feeling when you are unable to solve something, especially when you’ve tried your very best.

Fear of Missing Out

One of the primary reasons why many have turned to tuition is simply due to the Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO). Learning resources are not standardised across schools, which is why students tend to wonder if what their schools provide is actually enough. Your peers in other schools could be receiving summary tables and notes to supplement their Physics learning, as well as compilations of prelim papers and revision packages, while your school provides none. You may feel that your school does not provide quality learning materials as well, especially if your Physics notes are confusing. Often, the questions given are only of A Level standard (which is the Beginner workload for XM Student).

Consistently fared poorly

If you have been consistently doing badly for your Physics exams, don’t suffer in silence anymore! You would definitely need to get some extra help ASAP, or it would be too late. The longer you drag, the less time you would have to solidify your foundation and consolidate your learning. This might take a toll on you during the exam period, where you would need to start cramming information into your head.

Should I turn to my Friends?

Surely, you could turn to your friends for help. It is the most convenient method, but if they are as busy as you are, they probably wouldn’t have the time to entertain you. Moreover, you’ll have to make sure you ask the right person, as most of you would have just learnt the Physics subject and would be unfamiliar it. You wouldn’t want to learn the wrong things or end up being more confused. In such a competitive scene, they might not be willing to share all that they know too.

Should I turn to my school teachers?

You should and can turn to your school teachers as well, which would free of charge, but their teaching styles may not necessarily fit your style of learning. You should find a teacher which enables you to understand the Physics concepts that you need to know best. Being able to find a good tutor is quite rare. But usually, you are not really left with a choice, as the school typically encourages you to consult the tutor allocated to you.

Should I go for 1-1 tuition?

Don’t Be Ashamed Of Being Slow…Because You WILL Get There Eventually!

1-1 tuitions are particularly effective for slow learners who may take a lot of time and guidance to understand a concept, as the tutor would solely focus on you. However, it can be very expensive. You would also need to check if the tutor is credible before hiring him, which means extra trouble.

Should I attend tuition at a physics tuition centre?

Yes you should, but only at a reputable one. Physics Tuition helps to simplify your learning, especially when you have so little to learn and do revision. Your Physics tutors would teach you how to study smart so you wouldn’t have to slog your guts out.

To know if the Physics tuition centre is reliable, you can first go for the free trial class. Make sure that you do not hastily sign up just because your friend has recommended the tuition centre to you. Take some time to find out more about what the centre can offer and personally attend the free trial lesson.


Our physics tutors have years of experience and know the best way to teach complicated physics concepts to students. We also provide quality learning materials to our students that their peers in school would not have access to, such as our comprehensive analysis and solutions to TYS questions and our very own Physics Compendium (AKA Physics Bible)!

You may think that going for group tuition is akin to going for another tutorial lesson in school, but our teachers are still able to give you some form of personal attention, such as by checking on you from time to time to see if you are able to follow or if you have any questions for them.

Our Physics Tutor, Mr Lai, Checking On One Of His Students

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