Your Current Level Of Understanding: Gaseous State
A Stage Whereby You Know The Fundamentals But Your Level Of Knowledge Is Not Yet Sufficient

What You Should Strive Towards: Solid Foundation
How Do I Then Ensure That My Foundation For Physics Is Solid? Just Like This Brick Wall?

Your foundation for physics would only be solid after you have managed to tie in the various concepts together. You should have a better understanding of physics as a subject, which also means that it would not be as challenging for you to solve questions.

At the primary school level, we learnt that a gas may become a solid without experiencing the liquid phase given certain conditions, a process also known as sublimation. But this means that you’ll have to take really great strides and put in a great deal of effort so that you can build a strong foundation for physics in the quickest way possible (skipping the liquid state)!

To do well, you’ll need to master the 3 phases.

  1. Learn deep, & fast
  2. Practice Adaptive Questions
  3. Quiz yourself & clear the Physics Concept Checklist

As we have emphasised many times before, you’ll need to understand your concepts thoroughly. If you study independently, you might not be able to grasp the concept 100%. There may be things that you don’t know yet and things which may be too complicated for you to understand on your own.

You’ll need to get a good Physics tutor to teach you the ropes and build your understanding in Physics, as you cannot bank you just your textbook or school notes. If your school tutor is not the ideal one for you, take some time to find a private tutor who can best suit your learning needs.

Video Lessons

Our students receive a slight advantage over their peers as we value-add to their learning by providing them with FREE streaming to our video lessons at our centre. Our tutors usually cover more advanced stuff in the classroom, but students can go over the basics at their own pace before or after the lesson to round up their learning.

Even if our students have missed one of the lessons or joined late, they will be able to catch up. Many students have benefitted from this, and have relied on it to build their foundation for physics.

Adaptive MCQ






Some of you may rejoice when you see Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), while some of you may choose to run away at all cost. MCQ may be deemed “chicken feet” to some students as you’ll only have to choose between 4 different options, which leaves you with a 25% chance of getting the question right. However, let’s not underestimate MCQ as they can be really tricky too and do have the ability to mess your brain up. Often, the steps taken to get to the right answer can be so much MORE tedious than your usual structured questions.

As Physics Academy believes that mastering MCQ is the quickest way to test a student’s understanding and help them to build solid foundations, we have rolled out our very own LMS portal to allow students to access and infinite number of MCQ (you’ll never have to complain about not having enough practice questions again!).

These questions are sorted out into different difficulty levels. If you’re a novice, you can start with the beginner level questions. As you practice more and get better, you can move on to other questions of higher difficulty. If you have successfully climbed from the bottom rung (lowest difficulty) of the ladder to the top (highest difficulty), you have gained mastery in that topic. Woohoo!

MCQ may be important, but let’s not forget our Short Structured Questions (SSQ) and Long Structured Questions (LSQ) as well! There is no shortcut to scoring your A. You’ll need to do well in this core section, and that comes with A LOT of practice. We will guide you from MCQ to SSQ then finally to LSQ, all the way until you gain mastery of everything.

When all levels are cleared, students would be given a quiz. The timed-test aims to train students for their speed and accuracy. If you pass the quiz, you’re much closer to clearing the Concept Checklist and you’ll be closer to a distinction!

But if you’re unable to clear the test, you’ll be encouraged to retake it until you do. Although starting from square one may sound like the most horrible and dreadful thing ever, don’t be afraid of doing so as it will help you in the long run!

Should you ever need extra practice questions, look for your tutors, and they’ll be happy to provide you with the extra practice you’ll need! You may also clarify your misconceptions with your tutor during the classroom session.

Your Key To Success: YOU!

With the help of technology and immersive classroom coaching, both deep and fast learning can be achieved. We strongly believe that everyone will be capable of scoring an A in their examinations! Keep in mind that it is the attitude that will bring you closer to success. Some of you may have to put in more effort than others, but you will see the fruits of your labour eventually. Happy Learning!