Isn’t it just sooo depressing when you know that you’ve already tried your very best, but still fail to get good grades for physics? Rest assured, you are not a lone ranger. The struggles that you face are similar applicable to many other students as well. Read on to find out if you share the same struggles and to know how you may overcome these problems!

Struggle #1: Fast-paced tutorial lessons and lectures

“Class…let’s start with page x of your physics notes…” Before you know it, you are already drifting off to La La Land. Physics can be a pretty dry subject, especially when you’re at the fundamental stages of learning. Your teacher seems to go on and on and on about the new chapter when you barely know anything about the new topic, at all.

Lecturer: I’m Not Going To Wait For You…

Most lecturers move like a bullet train, trying to cover as much content in that precious 1 hour that they have with you. You, on the other hand, would be frantically trying to copy down everything that your lecturer is saying and processing all these information simultaneously. But even as you try as hard as you can to follow your lecturer, you may not be able to catch every single word that he says. At this point, you would feel lost, confused and therefore lose the determination to continue listening, as you’re not the superman that your lecturer might have imagined you were.

Our solution: Video lessons for personalised learning

Your teacher will not slow down for you. But that doesn’t mean all hope is lost. As we understand that most of our students are not able to grasp content quickly at the initial stages, we have recorded a series of videos that they may access at the centre, any time they need to. This means that students can PAUSE the video if they need to take down some notes, REWIND if they didn’t catch what was being said and needs it to be repeated and REPLAY the entire video altogether if they happen to forget a particular concept. This ensures that you can understand physics concepts at your own pace if you can’t do so quickly enough during lectures.

Here is a sneak peak to our video: 

#Struggle 2: Help me with my tutorials!!!

So if you are one of those who fail to keep yourself awake or follow closely during lectures, you’ll leave the lecture hall with so many question marks. Your teacher then throws you a stack of tutorial questions to complete, and you realise that what you currently know is not actually sufficient to complete anything at all. #Reasonstogiveup.

Our solution: 24/7 tutor (if we push this out)

Wouldn’t it be great to have someone to answer your queries whenever you’re in doubt and help you with your homework when you are stuck? You can now have your wish granted as our Physics Tutor Mr Lai would answer any questions that you have regarding physics! You may send in your questions at any time of the day and we would be sure to get back to you ASAP! That way, you won’t have to ponder about any one question for too long. This allows you to complete your homework and your revision more efficiently. Hooray.

Struggle #3: I already know all my formulas! But why do I still fail to achieve a good grade?

From what our students tell us, most would tend to reread their Physics notes over and over in preparation for their exams. Sometimes, they do so without trying to fully comprehend what they have read.

You may know all the physics formulas you need to know, but if you don’t understand the formulas, you probably wouldn’t be able to use them and apply them in different scenarios. If you are one of the students who rely solely on pure memorisation, you would be thrown off when you chance upon a question you have not seen before, same for those who understand but lack practice in application.

Our solution: Understand, not memorise

Unlike every other subject that you are studying for, memorisation is the least efficient method to study physics, which is why we discourage it. Understanding does not just come about or “happen” by reading notes. You’ll have to do tons of practice and consults with your teachers to clarify your doubts.

Nevertheless, we all know that consultations do not come by that easily. Your teacher may have so many students under their charge that they are not able to squeeze out time with you. Even if they do, your consult may just last from 30 minutes to an hour, especially when your teachers are high in demand. If you really do need to have quality 1-to-1 consults, our teachers are always there for you. Feel free to consult our teachers after lessons if you don’t understand the answers to the questions. Our teachers will share with you tips and tricks to solve physics questions quickly and accurately.

Struggle #4: Physics phobia

Even though you take physics as a subject, you may not like it from the very start. It is thus natural that you dedicate less time to studying physics. And if you have never passed physics in your life, you’ll probably detest it more. The thought of failing physics again and again would discourage you from studying the subject. It then becomes a vicious cycle as you might not even want to flip through your physics notes – it instantly repels you. At the end of the day, your results tend to be mediocre.

Our solution: Ask yourself why

Ask yourself why you are even taking the subject in the first place. It could be for practical reasons or a requirement to pursue a university course of your choice in future. If you would like to enrol in a science or science-related course in university, you should all the more put in the effort to study the subject well. Whether you like it or not, there remains only one choice: To do well in physics so that you won’t regret it in future.

Perhaps, you should view physics in a more positive light. It is not that scary after all. You’ll just need to have the right resources and meet the right people, and hopefully, you’ll slowly start to love physics. If you’re a struggling student and do not want to deal with this alone, we’ll always be there to support your learning. Sign up with us and get a free trial class today!