It’s a universal truth that examinations are an intimidating prospect for every student, and if it’s a Physics A or O level exam in Singapore, the stress and worry multiplies. This is especially so since Physics is a subject that combines the principles of both Maths and Science, pushing students to understand and memorise a number of complex formulae, definitions and theories. However, it doesn’t have to be an impossible task – self-discipline, organisation, and motivation are the factors which are crucial to overcome your struggle and anxiety to succeed in your Physics exam. Read on for 5 powerful  tips and strategies to score high in your A-Level and O-Level Physics exams:

1. Have a Crystal Clear Goal in Mind

Ask yourself what grade you want to score before setting off to achieve that goal. If you want to score an A, go all out, and don’t let anything stop you from taking all the necessary efforts to bring your vision into reality. You are your own best motivator, and nothing is as powerful as personal motivation. Do not give in to fear or nervousness; remember, hard work and perseverance are the keys to overcoming every difficulty, and this principle applies to your Physics exams as well. Make a strong resolution that no matter how challenging the subject may be for you, you will leave no stone unturned to achieve success in your Physics A level or O level exam.

2. Find a Good Physics Tutor

Self assessment is crucial, because in our experience, most students discover their weaknesses only when they fail the school exam. But it’s too late by then. Once you identify your strong and weak areas, you can then start working on your weaknesses and make sure your strengths remain an advantage to you. Conduct thorough research to find a credible Physics teacher who really understands students and is passionate about helping them excel in their Physics studies. Better still, attend a free trial class to get a feel of who will be better able to cater to your needs and how you can do better with his or her help. 

Did you know that there are a total of 70 concepts for Physics O level and 90 concepts for Physics  A levels? At Physics Academy, our students use the A/O Level Physics Concept List, which serves as a self-check as they practice each topic. As more practices are done and quizzes for various concepts are aced, your Physics tutor efficiently tracks your performance, signing off the concept list as you gain mastery in all the Physics concepts.

3. Craft a Personalised Learning Plan

There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution when it comes to studying physics, necessitating a unique and customised learning plan for each student. A personalised learning plan that effectively targets your weak points will help quickly close learning gaps and support your journey towards acing your Physics exam.

Our unique strategy at Physics Academy consists of a step-by-step guide to facilitate this process of rectifying weak areas and eventually scoring an A. In our Physics tuition, students are made to undergo multiple rounds of learning and assessment to overcome their weak areas. We have designed a highly functional learning app to help students with the learning plan tasks which students can access anytime, anywhere! We also provide our students with a Physics compendium. Also known as the Physics Bible, it is filled with the component that most students find challenging — explanation questions.

4. Effective Implementation of Learning Plan

Once you have created a learning plan, it is vital that you follow it with dedication. Many students have a great plan but fail eventually due to lack of discipline and follow up actions to implement that plan.  A learning plan will be only as successful as your determination to follow it in your daily routine. There must be a mechanism to keep track of your progress so that no one is left behind.

The Physics Academy learning app is designed to regularly monitor the performance and progress of each individual student. The app also sends reminders to students in case there is a lapse in submitting assignments or completing tasks. This way, we can actively monitor and track progress 24/7.

5. Maintain Positive Learning Habits

Do not hesitate to ask questions to get your doubts cleared in your physics tuition. Find a good physics tutor in Singapore who is happy to provide FREE consultation even when you are done with your tuition hours. Ensure that you practice and revise the previous lesson completely before moving on to the next lesson because all the concepts in physics are inter-connected. By creating a good foundational understanding your learning will begin to follow a gradual and linear path whereby you can follow subsequent lessons easily and have greater grasp on the topics covered.

Practice continuously to strengthen your learning and understanding of common question structures you might encounter in exam papers. You should solve as many test quizzes as possible in the lead up to your assessments to test yourself.

Join the Best Physics Tuition Centre in Singapore

We at Physics Academy are sure that with the help of the right physics tuition, regular self-study, disciplined adherence to the study plan, and determination, you will emerge victorious in your A/O level physics exams.

Get in touch to find out more about our unique approach to teaching physics with our online digital resources, holiday crash courses in Singapore and more so that students can accelerate their physics learning anytime, anywhere!