With a few months left to go for your Physics Secondary or JC Physics exam, it is natural to feel overwhelmed, because no matter how much you study, it never seems enough. Remembering everything you have learned prior to the exam can seem challenging especially since Physics comprises complicated concepts which some students may find difficult to grasp.However, your dream of studying in the top junior colleges and universities in Singapore can surely turn into a reality with the deft guidance of an expert physics tutor who can efficiently boost your confidence in all the Physics theories and concepts.

The Physics Academy 30-Day Crash Course

To ace your Physics exams, you will need a well structured learning plan with clearly defined milestones. This is where Physics Academy and the vast experience of Mr. Bryan Lai come into play. Having developed the PhysicsProf Learning System that has assisted over 91% of his Secondary & Junior College students in scoring A / B grades every year, Mr. Lai’s teaching has been instrumental in helping many students to overcome their failure and earn distinctions in Physics within a few months.

Beyond the proprietary learning system, Mr. Lai also conducts an annual 30-day revision course for Secondary and JC students. The June Holiday Physics Crash Course is an intensive revision programme aimed at preparing  students for their exams by re-learning all Physics concepts and equipping themselves with proven strategies that will help tackle common challenges. By working with reliable Physics tutors, a high percentage of our students have mastered Physics concepts,  skyrocketed their grades and eventually scored a distinction!

With our unique 30-day course, students will be able to:

  • Re-learn all Physics concepts effectively.
  • Gain unlimited access to Physics Academy proprietary digital lessons Acquire techniques & problem-solving strategies pivotal in tackling the Physics exam.
  • 30-Day daily summary video to recap what has been taught.
  • Boost grades with the expert guidance of Bryan Lai.

A Reward Programme to Encourage Students

We want all our students to excel at Physics. And to motivate students to achieve their learning goals, we have a reward programme that incentivises students. As students reach learning milestones in the crash course, there will be Checkpoint Quizzes to assess if students have mastered the concepts. The top scorer in the entire cohort can claim rewards worth up to $500! There are other exciting prizes such as iPads, AirPods and more to encourage students to make the best of our physics tuition course.

Taking Things Beyond the June Holidays

Looking to fuel your revision sessions beyond the June Crash Course? By joining Physics Academy, students will have full access to our unlimited test quizzes to practise and learn 24/7 anytime, anywhere. Students will also be able to leverage our PhysicsProf Learning System for top-notch digital learning resources including video lessons, in-house books, Physics concept list, and even retrieve the 2022 Latest Full Version of Physics Compendium (AKA Physics Bible).

Be a Part of the Physics Academy 30-Day Challenge 

Don’t miss this opportunity to strengthen your knowledge of Physics. Once June is over, you will not have enough time on hand for a full scale revision. Reserve a slot now in our 30 day Physics tuition classes for the best preparation for your secondary and JC Physics exams! Alternatively, contact us if you wish to attend a free trial class to get a feel of the excellent teaching and facilities of our Physics tuition classes in Singapore.