Ever wondered what makes a learning experience great or what really works in learning? While methods like rote learning have been praised years prior, in the 21st-century education system, this technique has taken the back seat. With newer more effective methods like associative learning and critical thinking taking centre stage when attempting to build a solid foundation for higher levels of learning, keeping an open mind when finding the “right” approach when educating students is pivotal. This is especially so when it comes to Physics where many students search high and low for solutions to overcome their Physics-related struggles. Since building a good foundation in Physics has several starting points, going back to the basics and understanding the elements of top-notch learning experiences and the benefits they can bring is a good place to start. 

What is a Good Learning Experience?

It is said that students learn best from experience. When constantly bombarded with information, it is only natural for these to be taken in, assessed and learnt. However, the way in which such information is presented impacts the eventual outcome. This is where a good learning experience comes into the picture. 

A good learning experience is said to add value to the learner. Carefully designed to nurture each learner toward a desired outcome such as acing that final Physics paper, it places emphasis on being effective and promotes further learning by sparking interest. When this is done, it not only shapes learning in powerful ways but also ensures that every student has the best possible experience, environment and foundation needed to excel in their studies outside of a classroom setting. 

How it Impacts Learner Engagement and Final Results

Picture this: a student seemingly appears attentive in class and actively partakes in all the activities put forth. Is the student actually ‘learning’? While the question can only be answered by the students themselves, the case in point is that simply sitting in a class does not mean that one is actively absorbing all the information. Understanding this can significantly influence the design of a learning experience in a Physics tuition class and the learning success. 

When Physics tutors and teachers leverage their expertise to design a learning experience that will work for their students, its integration will teach students to learn how to discover things for themselves. This nips the issue of over-reliance on provided materials in the bud. A top-notch learning experience also accelerates the retention of knowledge by making things enjoyable and enriching while simultaneously encouraging reflection so that students are inspired to become lifelong learners.

Learning Culture in Physics Academy 

At Physics Academy, we understand the importance of top-notch learning experiences when it comes to Physics. Be it one-to-one Physics tuition classes or group tuition sessions, our Physics tutors ensure that students get to see theoretical concepts in action. Our team of Physics tutors takes the time to understand each student’s context to establish and respond appropriately to their existing level of knowledge before going full steam ahead with revisions and teaching. All our students are also provided with an avenue to safely make mistakes. With everything from free consultation sessions to putting a student’s welfare at the forefront of our teaching methodology, students will be motivated in various effective and proven ways. Moreover, to better supplement our student’s learning, Physics Academy also offers a variety of opportunities for practice and experimentation. These are all covered under our robust learning system and a full suite of resources made accessible to our students. 

Learning System in Physics Academy

To ensure that learners are indeed having the best learning experiences possible, three factors need to be met – Accessibility, Attention, and Adaptive Learning. So, how exactly does Physics Academy improve learning experiences and meet the needs of all our students? 

1. Accessibility 

The very first step to establish a good learning experience is to make sure students have access to it. Mr. Bryan Lai, the founder of Physics Academy, has developed the proprietary PhysicsProf Learning System that functions as your Physics tutor to address this concern. Designed to take the classroom to students, Physics Academy supports a 24/7 learning experience on our digital platform that boasts several features and components. Some of these include online MCQ practices compiled into a huge question bank and concept-based digital lessons that provide students with a conduit to learn outside of lesson hours. Besides WhatsApp and Zoom consultations that provide students with a platform to easily get answers to their queries, they are also given access to our Physics Compendium which contains all the secrets to ace Physics. 

2. Attention

Providing access alone will not suffice, as once you’ve provided the platform for a good learning experience, you’ll need to keep their attention. At our Physics tuition centre, students are guaranteed a conducive learning environment by removing unnecessary distractions. Our experienced Physics tutors leverage on our unique methodology to not only help students gain confidence in the subject matter but also make lessons more interesting by introducing novelty to increase engagement. Peer-to-peer discussion and questions are also encouraged in our classes so that students can hone their Physics knowledge together with their peers. And of course, we have an optimal student-to-teacher ratio so that every student gets the proper attention they deserve from our educators. 

3. Adaptive Learning 

Adaptive learning meets learners where they are and ensures that they are given the opportunity to gain something new. Physics Academy makes this possible by providing students with a personalised study plan. To improve learner experience, students are also given a Physics Concept List that serves as a self-check. Our Physics tutors utilise this tool to keep a record of each student’s performance and sign off on it once students have gained mastery of all the relevant Physics concepts. Beyond this 24//7 progress tracking aspect, termly progress reports will be provided to further inform students and parents on the progress made thus far to facilitate better results in the future. 

The Road to Academic Success 

At Physics Academy, 100% of our students show rapid grade jumps and 9 out 10 of our Secondary and Junior College students score A/B annually regardless of their initial entry results. This further emphasises the effective teaching methods used in all our Physics tuition classes in Singapore

One student case study that clearly demonstrates this is that of 3 siblings – all of whom scored A in Physics after enrolling with Physics Academy. The eldest of the 3 graduated from Junior College (JC) to become a doctor, and the second who came in with borderline A’s eventually graduated JC to become a doctor. The challenge lay in the 3rd child who was personally taught by Mr. Lai. Unmotivated and having scored an S for his ‘A’ Level Physics paper while in Victoria Junior College, Mr. Lai had to dive deep and first boost the student’s motivation before going full force with lesson plans. Closing gaps quickly with VIP one-to-one lessons and an Intensive Crash Course revision, devising a personalised study plan only added to the eventual results – within 2 months, the student was back on his feet, scoring an A in his Physics ‘A’ Levels like his siblings.  

At Physics Academy, we go above and beyond to ensure that our students get the best learning experiences so that they graduate with their desired results. With a vast range of testimonials and a proven track record, our integrated PhysicsProf Learning System with live lessons, 24/7 personalised progress tracking, and more, act as a catalyst in making students achieve top grades in major Physics exams in Singapore. 

Find out more about our unique teaching methodology and our Physics tutor Mr. Bryan Lai. And attend a free trial Physics tuition class for a better understanding of how we can provide a top-notch learning experience.