Once the June holidays have passed many students in Singapore will be trying to make the best of their second half of the year by preparing for their final exams. During this time, it is natural to wonder whether it will prove beneficial to enrol in Physics tuition classes to prepare for upcoming major examinations. In our experience, many students are unsure about deciding when is the right time to enrol in Physics tuition classes

Let’s look at how Physics tuition with a good O or A level Physics tutor can help you score high in your Physics exams.

Fast-Paced Physics Learning and Practice with the Accelerated Mastery Programme

Students and parents alike may feel anxious about the final Physics exams. Because the subject is so vast and complex, students seldom feel confident that they are fully prepared. We at Physics Academy understand the concern of students and that’s why our Master Physics tutor Mr. Lai has developed our special Accelerated Mastery Programme (AMP) learning system which ensures fast learning and constant practice to skyrocket students’ grades in their final exams.

The AMP is a specially designed Physics exam preparatory course aimed at empowering Singaporean students with all the knowledge and skills to achieve the best scores in their O and A Level exams. 

The programme is backed by our tested and proven PhysicsProf Learning System (PPLS) and implements an effective combination of digital video lessons and live Physics class lectures to ensure students receive the maximum learning possible in the crucial second half of the year.

Why the PPLS Was Invented

Do you want to know how our Master Physics tutor Mr. Bryan Lai developed his signature PPLS? 

It started with a student – Joel – who faced challenges in passing his Physics A level preliminary exams. His mother was very anxious for him and hearing Mr. Lai’s reputation as a good Physics tutor, approached him for help. Mr. Lai had an in depth discussion with Joel to understand his problems and struggles. He then devised an innovative Physics learning system to address Joel’s issues. After intense coaching with Mr. Lai in our Physics tuition classes Joel was able to achieve maximum learning in just 2 months, after which he succeeded in his Final Physics exams and got admission into University. 

This is when Mr. Lai realised that his comprehensive and powerful system could help other students succeed in Physics and replicated it as the PPLS to now help Singaporean students earn high scores in their Physics exams.  

How Does the AMP Help You?

As a leading Physics tuition centre in Singapore, we are proud of our innovative teaching and learning methodologies which help even the most struggling students achieve high grades in Physics. 

Here’s what the AMP and PPLS entail:

  1. Access to deeply conceptual live lessons from our expert Physics tutor Mr. Lai every week which is aimed at improving your problem solving skills.
  2. Access to our Physics Compendium (Aka Physics Bible) to help you gain complete mastery of Cambridge keywords necessary to ace the O and A Level exams.
  3. 24/7 access to digital lessons, Physics concepts lists, guide books, formula cards and many other resources to help cement your understanding of Physics concepts.
  4. Learning exam strategies for written and practical exams to score full marks.
  5. Personalised TYS submission and marking to ensure you can confidently solve Cambridge questions and formats.
  6. Invaluable consultation and feedback from expert Physics tutor Mr. Lai to ensure that you are on track for success.
  7. Close monitoring of your progress and performance by our Physics tutors via the PPLS and exciting rewards if your scores improve over time.

Don’t miss out – enrol in AMP today as classes will commence from 1st July 2022! With interactive video lessons, 24/7 learning, access to exhaustive learning materials, intense revision supervision, and personal guidance by Mr Lai, our PPLS is your essential personal Physics tutor dedicated to teaching and motivating you to achieve the highest results in your exams. Enrol in a free trial Physics tuition class and get a feel of our methods before you decide to enrol.