English, Mathematics and the Sciences – there is no denying that the number of subjects that students have to take throughout their academic year only gets longer the older they get. Of all these subjects that students will be exposed to while in school, Physics is one that gets many students nervous. While Physics may be a subject that students struggle with, having to study it is simply part and parcel of one’s educational journey. Whether you are in secondary 3 and have to take Pure Physics for your ‘O’ Levels or in the final year of Junior College, feeling stressed about the upcoming exams and being uncertain about how you would respond to any curricular changes is normal. But fret not! Here at Physics Academy, we’ve not only compiled a list of all the benefits of being prepared but we’re also holding a Head Start and Revision tuition programme from October to December that will get you familiarised with all the core Physics concepts before 2023 comes around!

Understanding the Importance of Being Prepared

When the New Year comes around, it is common for people to create a list of things that they want to try or accomplish. While this might seem exciting, one thing that no one talks about is that stretching yourself and trying new things, while mind-expanding, can be tedious, challenging, and at times embarrassing. After all, no one ever really enjoys accepting their own ineptitude and pushing themselves to do better. The same applies to subjects that are to be learnt in school. When studying Physics for the first time in school, it can seem difficult or awkward to grasp the concepts, especially since this subject is vastly different from the other ones. However, there are a few ways to help you feel better about taking the step first toward nurturing your love for Physics. One way to help you get over the hump of that initial misery of learning Physics and acing the exams is to be prepared ahead of time. Consider the following benefits of practising the art of preparation: 

1. Emotional Readiness

Do you feel like your ‘A’ game is always ready? As mentioned, feeling fearful of trying new things is something that we all experience. Similarly, for many of us, the feeling of having to learn something new can be overcome when we take the first step. The emotional and mental readiness that comes with having prepared your mind for any possible situation can do wonders in managing the anxiety that comes with dipping your toes into novel experiences. Be it through enrolling in secondary Physics tuition before the new academic year starts or attending a revision or head start programme, the practice and experience that can be reaped through these learning conduits will ensure that you’ll have a smooth start in school. Setting the right pace for the rest of your academic year, you’ll continue to find an ideal rhythm that can, in turn, result in better grades. 

2. Ease Stress

When you’ve done all the preparation, thought through things, and evaluated all the possible scenarios, it is only natural to develop a form of resilience that makes you more immune to unforeseen failures. And when there’s a concrete plan in place, not only will you have a clear state of mind but you’ll also be able to find a rhythm that you can stick to and carry with you throughout the entire academic year.

3. Enhance Self-Discipline

While preparing for both predictable and unexpected things, it is only natural that our self-discipline is enhanced. As obvious as it may sound, in order to be genuinely prepared for something, an individual must have taken the time to discipline themselves to be prepared. For example, to be ready for all their Secondary 4 Physics lessons, they may have enrolled in Physics tuition classes before graduating from Secondary 3. This means that procrastination, excuses and being unaware of what needs to be done, are simply not part of their vocabulary. 

The Physics Academy Head Start and Revision Programme

Think you would like to reap the aforementioned benefits of being prepared so that you can ace your Secondary 4 or JC Physics exam? If you find yourself being clueless when it comes to building a solid foundation to score an ‘A’ for Physics, we have just the answer for you. Physics Academy’s Head Start and Revision Bootcamp offers a comprehensive learning plan that aids Secondary 3 and JC1 students to realise how simple and fun Physics can be. Whether you are looking to close all the learning gaps or expose yourself to the concepts that you’ll learn in Secondary 4 or JC2, Mr. Bryan Lai, the award-winning Physics Master Tutor at Physics Academy, will impart his knowledge to ensure that you are ready before 2023 comes around. 

Having developed the PhysicsProf Learning System that has helped over 91% of our Secondary and Junior College students score an ‘A’ or ‘B’ on their finals, Mr. Lai and our proprietary learning system have a proven track record of transforming students’ dreams of academic success into reality. Understanding the importance of establishing a strong foundation in Physics before proceeding to 2023 and that some students may regret not having spent their holiday wisely, our Head Start and Revision Bootcamp act as intensive revision programmes that facilitate the relearning of all critical Physics concepts. Our bootcamps that will be held for 2-hours each day include:

  • Secondary 3 going to Secondary 4 Head Start Bootcamp – to learn new concepts like Static and Current. 
  • Secondary 3 going to Secondary 4 Revision Bootcamp – Re-learn all critical Physics concepts like Measurements, Kinematics, Dynamics, Pressure and more. 
  • JC1 going to JC2 Head Start Bootcamp – to be exposed to and start deeply learning new Physics concepts like Current. 
  • JC 1 going to JC2 Revision Bootcamp – to build strong foundations in past learnt Physics concepts like Measurement, Forces, Circular Motion, Dynamics, and more. 

Be a Part of the Physics Academy Head Start Programme

Don’t miss the opportunity to build a strong foundation in Physics and relearn all the critical concepts with the guidance of experienced Physics tutors who can help you be prepared for the new academic year come 2023. Gain access to everything from the full version of our Physics Compendium which consists of explanation questions and answers that mimic the Cambridge marking scheme to digital access to videos, MCQ practices, and digital notes. Once the long holiday is over, and you return to school, you might not have enough time for a full-scale revision since there will be a lot of new concepts to learn for other subjects too. Reserve a slot now for the best Sec 4 Physics tuition and JC Physics tuition in Singapore. Alternatively, contact us if you wish to attend a free trial class to get a feel of what our Secondary and JC Physics tutors and Physics tuition classes in Singapore have to offer.